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The important role of air conditioning for printing enterprise

Extrem temperature:High temperature can easily lead to employees' heatstroke accidents, especially in the high temperature environment where cardboard lines and single-sided machines are produced, which can easily lead to safety production accidents.
Human resources: With the continuous improvement of the working environment in enterprises and employees' requirements for the working environment, a comfortable workshop environment has become a necessary condition for recruiting and stabilizing employees, and the central air-conditioning in the workshop has become an essential standard for the future modern workshop environment.
Safety production: The newly revised Safety Production Law further clarifies the main responsibility of enterprise safety production. Is the safety benefit, safety is everything, and safety is the guarantee for the survival of enterprises.
Printing quality: the bad influence of low viscosity of ink in high temperature weather on printing quality-printing streaks, weak print, ink emulsification, floating dirt, etc. Bad influence of low-temperature ink viscosity on printing quality-sticky dirt, napping, page pasting, blooming, etc.


Energy Saving Central Air Conditioner for Factory

Energy-saving advantages: compared with traditional air conditioners, it saves 47% energy, and reduces the power consumption burden and cost of enterprises.

Long-distance air supply: the longest air supply is 100m, the air volume is 20,000m3, and the temperature in the whole space is uniform without dead ends.

Energy-saving system: Double-effect energy-saving system to reduce the energy consumption of enterprises.

Fixed-point temperature reduction advantage: set the air outlet according to the job position, with high utilization rate and no waste.

Improve the working environment: improve the stability of product quality, and a comfortable working environment makes it easier to retain talents.

Efficient dustproof, cold and warm, single cooling, constant temperature as a whole, and fixed-point cooling. Effective energy saving by 50%, everything is what customers want to save energy and increase efficiency.。

Dust-proof advantage: Quick-release double-layer filter screen and wet curtain combined filter system, which overcomes the anxiety of blocking indoor unit of workshop air conditioner.

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