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Important role for Printing industry

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Important role for Printing industry

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  • Service is the core competitiveness DOCON
  • The value chain service times again tree industry benchmarking
  • DOCON with "with our equipment, that is, to enjoy one year warranty, life-long maintenance service commitment" from the service efficiency, service, speed, maintenance costs, quality standards to establish covers the whole life cycle of equipment, the customer please refer to the equipment purchase and equipment before operation after each service behavior into a customer demand oriented value chain, create a new value chain service time, the tree again industry benchmarking.
  • DOCON around the world, have more than one service center, can achieve 365 x24 service, "the customer as the root, service for this" deeply engraved in each DOCON hearts, always smile all the heart, 24 hours a day waiting for you at any time of service quality, product DOCON for tens of thousands of customers more trust.